Shota Ishikawa and Matt Savage – It’s My Request: Live at Bar Request (2016)

Shota Ishikawa- bass
Matt Savage- piano

Released on New Year’s Day 2016, this live piano/bass duo album was recorded at Bar Request in Kobe, Japan, in September 2015.

The album is primarily composed of jazz standards, with one exception: Shota Ishikawa’s driving original composition “Three Words You May Know.”  With only five long tracks, It’s My Request evokes the compact and “classic” feel of 1950s and ’60s releases from artists such as Bill Evans.

This live concert was part of Matt Savage’s second tour of Japan; Matt’s first tour (also with Shota) resulted in the Matt Savage Trio album A Live Celebration: Kobe, Japan.

It's My Request

  1. All the Things You Are
  2. Nardis
  3. Three Words You May Know
  4. My Ship
  5. Denzil's Best

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